Maridell Fun Camp Information

Keep summer full of learning! A fun, social and educational place for kids to spend their summer!



7 Reasons Why

The Maridell Fun Camp is Great for Kids: 


1.Gain confidence

Gaining new skills increases confidence. The Maridell Fun Camp encourages kids to try new things and aids them in success to help them gain confidence.

2.Improve social skills

This summer camp is for kids from all schools! Participants will improve their social skills by meeting other children and making new friends in The Maridell Fun Camp’s fun and social environment.

3.Unplug from technology

Parents consistently cite summer as the most difficult time to ensure that their children have productive things to do. (

The Maridell Fun Camp is interactive and hands on learning to get the kids away from the screen and toward productivity.

4.Be physically active

 Most children—particularly children at high risk of obesity—gain weight more rapidly when they are out of school during summer break. (von Hippel, Powell, Downey, and Rowland, 2007)

The Maridell Fun Camp is designed to keep kids busy, active and playing!

5.Learn leadership skills

The Maridell Fun Camp loves for the kids to be as responsible as possible. There are age-appropriate leadership opportunities for all kids.

6.Continue education

Many experts believe that having a long break from school hinders a students achievements. Research spanning 100 years shows that students typically score lower on standardized tests at the end of the summer vacation than they do on the same tests at the beginning of summer. (

The Maridell Fun Camp’s goal is to prevent the “Summer Learning Loss” and continue kids education during the summer break.

7.Have FUN!

Everyone learns best when they are having fun, especially kids! Each day will be structured with learning through play activities. The Maridell Fun Camp believes in Fun Fun Fun!



The Maridell Fun Camp is designed to keep kids ages 5 to 12 learning throughout the summer in an exciting and friendly environment. Each day has  variety with a rotation of science experiments, acting, crafts, math games and sports. Every week of the summer has a different theme to keep the learning fresh. Participants will learn about history through playing old fashioned pioneer games. Building an erupting volcano in a land of dinosaurs will teach about science. Even coordination will be improved through learning circus tricks! Kids will learn through play each day.

Come have fun with  us!



5 – 12 year olds



8am – Noon

Monday – Friday



$795 – Whole Summer.

$325 – One Month.

$100 – One Week.

$25 – One Day.




Week 1: June 4-8: Wild West

Week 2: June 11-15: Ocean Life

Week 3: June 18-22: Australian Adventure

Week 4: June 25-29: Dinosaurs


Week 5: July 2-6: Farm Fun

Week 6: July 9-13: Pirates

Week 7: July 16-20: African Safari

Week 8: July 23-27: Space (lunar eclipse on July 27!)


Week 9: July 30-Aug 3: The Exciting Circus

Week 10: August 6-10: Mysteries of Egypt

Week 11: August 13-17: Into the Jungle

Week 12: August 20-24: Dragons, Knights and Princesses



To Register: Please come into the Maridell Center at 1124 Washington Avenue in La Grande, or call us at (541) 963-2023.

You can also register on the registration page from the menu, then use the payment link below: