Haunted House

Due to the sale of the Maridell Center, the Night Fright Haunted House will be closed for 2020. However we are looking for a new location and plan to be back to scare you in 2021!

Night Fright Haunted House – New every year!

The Night Fright Haunted House is a highly themed, story driven attraction, located at the Maridell Family Fun Center in downtown La Grande. The Maridell Center also has a Roller Skating Rink, Laser Tag, Mini Golf, a Game/Arcade Room, Frozen Yogurt and Snack Bar all of which will be open to entertain you as you wait for your turn to enter the haunted attraction. The Haunted House will be open Friday and Saturday every weekend in October plus the 30th and 31st. Bring your date or your family members and friends and hold to them tightly, as you never know what surprises will be in store for you, or what horrors lurk around each corner. Our ghoulish imaginations have gone wild, and we have some clever scares in store for you on a scale you might not expect from a small-town event. Will you be brave enough to walk the corridors?

2019 Dates Open:
October 4-5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26, 30-31

7:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

“Less scary” trick-or-treat special opening for younger children or the faint of heart:
Saturday, October 26th
6:00 pm -7:00 pm

Tickets – $13.00 per person for all ages
Less scary pre-show (October 26th only) $8.00 per person

Tickets can be purchased in advance at the Maridell Center or at the door. Cash, check, Visa and Mastercard accepted.

Coming 2019  

Revenge of the Scorpion Queen

Get involved!
If you would like to be a part of the Haunted House either as a scare actor or behind the scenes or help us with set building please call 541-963-2023 or come into the Maridell Center and see us. Must be 14 or older to participate.

Click on an image below to see pictures of past haunts.

2016 Curse of the Mayan Tomb

His name is Balem Yakte. His spirit haunts these ruins, deep in the rain forest. He is the legendary founder of an ancient Mayan city mysteriously abandoned over 1000 years ago. For 400 years Balem Yakte's dynasty of holy lords ruled the kingdom through hallucinogenic visions, ritual warfare, and human sacrifice. If the legend of Balem Yakte is true, then scientists believe he must be buried here within this massive temple pyramid, now a vine strangled ruin. Deep inside, archaeologist Dr. James Callahan has been digging into the crumbling pyramid, searching for the bones of the ancient King. After years of excavating, tunneling, and avoiding traps laid by those long dead, Dr. Callahan has uncovered a hidden chamber. His sacrifice to get this far has been great for many of his team did not survive and those who did are certain the tomb is cursed. In the depths of this sacred monument, he has discovered a disintegrating skeleton. Are these the remains of Balem Yakte? Is there really a curse on this place? Dr. Callahan needs your help to find out.

2015 The Graverobbers of Deadfall Cemetery

Grave robbers have been disturbing the tombs and graves in the old Deadfall Cemetery and detectives have been unable to catch them thus far. It has gotten so bad that now the spirits of the dead inhabitants of the Cemetery have begun taking matters into their own hands. Unhappy that their final resting place has been disturbed they are rising up and doing all they can to frighten away anyone who enters the cemetery at night. It has gotten so bad that now the Detectives refuse to go in to investigate further. Brave souls are needed to help catch these villainous body snatchers.

But be warned, something sinister is lurking and you may not live to tell your tale. Who ever, or what ever, is roaming the area and looking for a "fresh corpse" may not distinguish between the dead and the living ... Dare you walk alone in Deadfall cemetery on All Hallows Eve?

2013 Legend of the Bayou & 3D Fun House of Fear

Legend of the Bayou will take you deep into the swamps on the outskirts of New Orleans where the Cajun tale was born of the creature called the Rougarou. Part man, part beast, with glowing red eyes it transforms during the full moon and all those who look into it's menacing red eyes are doomed to live the curse themselves. But perhaps the voodoo queen can help protect you if you can make it to her swamp shack without getting eaten by crocodiles. There's fear and treachery around every corner as you make your way through this highly detailed and realistic haunt!

3D Fun House of Fear is an all new experience never before offered by Night Fright Productions. Creepy clowns, misdirection and confusion will keep you on your toes as you make your way through this 3D experience. Reality becomes warped and distorted and nothing is exactly as it seems.

2012 Ghosts of the Titanic & Molly Brown's Ghost Town

In Ghosts of the Titanic you will be transported two miles beneath the North Atlantic, to experience the stories of the ghosts of the Titanic, some famous, some not, who haunt the rusting hulk, reliving their lives over and over again for eternity. Some of the ghosts realize they have drowned, others are unaware, and a few are in denial.

Now, 100 years later, Captain Smith is still duty bound to bring everyone home safe; Jack Phillips is still at his post at the telegraph key, desperately trying to get help; the Straus’s are still reliving, without regret, their decision to stay together and Benjamin Guggenheim is still preparing to go down like a gentleman. Come explore for yourself the dark and rusting passageways haunted by these and others who roam the once grand rooms of the collapsing wreck. But beware, for there are also other creatures that dwell at the bottom of the ocean where no light can penetrate the murky darkness!

Molly Brown’s Ghost Town - Known as “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” she was a first class passenger on the Titanic who survived and is remembered for her efforts in helping to row the lifeboat and in raising over $10,000 to help other survivors. Molly grew up in impoverished circumstances. She later married J.J. Brown who made his fortune in gold mining in Leadville, Colorado in the Little Johnny mine. Here you will pass through the mine and into Leadville to meet the ghosts of the past who inhabit the old west town.

2010 Mortis Mansion, Infection, Creatures of the Lower World

Mortis Mansion

Things have not been quite right at Mortis Mansion since Bella Mortis died unexpectedly. Her Husband, a famous musician and composer, was so distraught at losing her that he couldn't stand to bury her so he has kept her enshrined in his music room and plays his compositions to her constantly, thinking that somehow he can bring her back to him. Now the whole Mortis family has gotten caught up in this strange notion and as you go through the Mansion you will meet them and see what strange things they are doing to try to find a way to bring Bella back to life. Will any one of them succeed? You will have to go visit the Mansion to find out.


Attention: all civilians! By order of General Waller we’ve been commanded to round up any and all survivors who still show no signs of the Infection, caused by the Cordyceps Fungus. This is a rapidly spreading fungus that entangles itself in the brain, taking over reasoning and thought-control and severally impairing the motor-cortex. Infected persons cannot control their urges and will exhibit Zombie-like behavior. We are issuing a National Code Red. The whole community is now under extreme lock-down and all un-infected persons are being asked to report to the Maridell fallout shelter. It is no longer safe for you to be in the streets. Drastic measures are being taken to eliminate the spread. Because we have no cure, General Waller has issued an extermination order: we are to shoot any and all hostile civilians showing extreme symptoms of aggression. Please follow me to decontamination and processing.

Creatures of the Lower World

This is a dark place, filled with creatures that shrink from the light; the bat to the ceiling, the spider to his crevice, and the snake to his hole. These you’ve seen and so think you can withstand, but there are other things here as well, things that are not natural; beings that have lived in the dark so long they have mutated into something strange and horrible; creatures with an inhuman power of control over others. Smart too, smart enough to set traps for those unsuspecting victims who wonder into this forsaken place. After all, they must have food for the… oh, I’ve said too much! I warn you, do not go there! Those who look in its eyes never return!